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About Online Backup

Backing up to a memory stick or external hard drive may be relatively inexpensive but it can be quite time consuming and troublesome. This method does protect against data loss through hardware failure in the laptop or PC but unless you store the external device at a different address or site then you are not protecting your data against fire or theft.

Online backup is easy to setup and once you have decided how often you want your data to be backed up you just need to make sure your computer is connected to the internet on a regular basis so that the backups can take place automatically without any effort or stress on your part.

The information is encryted to prevent external tampering and is stored securely on a server in 'The Cloud'.

Currently i am affilated with two companies both of whom offer good service and value for money.

The first is HomePCBackup:

Clicking on the above link will take you to a free trial page where you enter your name, email and phone number. You will then be promted to install the software and can setup how you would like your backup to run.

Homepcbackup is unlimited in terms of storage space, is for non commercial use, is for one pc/laptop only and costs around 60 per year.

I am also quite happy to install the software and help set it up for anybody who wishes me to for a very small fee.

The second company is Gigasoft, based in Bishops Stortford:

Gigasoft is aimed more at businesses or families with multiple computers. You buy storage space in blocks of 25GB and can link multiple computers to the same account, all of which will automatically backup at the requested time/days without any further intervention after the initial setup.

For home or business users with low backup requirements (4GB or less recommended) it is also possible to buy space on my Gigasoft account. This is charged at between 20 and 30 per GB per year (irrespective of how many computers make up the space) but does not include a visit onsite to install and setup the software.

If you want any further information on any of these services then feel free to call me on 01279 835475.